Don’t read this if you’re squeamish!

Just had an op done on my eye. Something to do with the epiretinal membrane.

Basically they got a sharp needle, drove it into my eye, sucked out the fluid (possibly, or I may have imagined that) scraped the epiretinal membrane at the back to remove distortion, cut out the lens and put in a new one to remove a cataract, filled the eye up again with the fluid plus a small air bubble (not sure why) and put it all back together again. All in day surgery! Home in time to watch “24 hours in A&E”. Now I’m an expert.

It was under a general anaesthetic (sigh of relief) but apparently they can do it under a local. So now I am walking about with an eye patch like a pirate. And probably typing with a lot of spelling errors since I can’t see the screen very easily.

Just reporting all this because I think it sounds rather splendid. When you hear what they’re going to do it sounds awful. In actual fact, I was pretty much unaware of it and it was fine. But I may as well milk it.

NHS. Bloody marvellous. And wonderful surgeons, doctors and nurses. Let’s give them all a good pay rise. Tell Theresa I said so.